Monday, February 15, 2010

Mod Podge Monday!!

I'm so excited!  I've never used Mod Podge before and was a little nervous.  But then I started reading other blogs and seeing the really cool things they were making with this stuff (like this) and figured why not give it a shot.  Well today I invited Michelle over to work on some of these trays.  And yes, I actually DO have other friends besides her, but it's so much fun when you have a friend who likes the same things you do and who lives around the corner!  (btw Michelle, thanks for showing me how to use this link thing!!)   So, we grabbed our Mod Podge 

and trays and got down to business.  Before too long, mine was looking like this.

I love it!!  I also have 4 small round drawer pulls that are in my garage all spray painted white.  Tomorrow, when they are dry, I will glue them to the bottom of the tray and cover it with a sealer so we can use it for food.  How cool is that?!  I'm also going to put some lace around the bottom edge so that it looks like a dust ruffle. Actually, I just want and excuse to get out the glue gun. 

I also made some clipboards for my kids.  A while ago I won 2 of them from another blogger far more talented than I (whose name escapes me - I'm so sorry!).  Anyhow, today I finally got to work and made 2 more.  They are all done except for the initials.  I need my Cricut for that, and it's too late and too noisy to get it out.  But as of right now, I like them a lot.  What do you think?


And with that, I am a happy girl. 

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