Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Dance

Last Friday night was the Denim & Diamonds dance over at the middle school where my two oldest kids go. Personally, I think it's a good idea for the kids to have small dances like this to go to, rather than their first dance being something more formal, like a Homecoming. At least now they can see what it's like and have a little experience with dances. The dress was casual (denim) or you could dress up if you wanted. Some kid even showed up in a limo. Serously. Anyhow, my kids opted for the denim. Can't say as I blame them. After all, it is February. Some of these kids, though, Lord have mercy, they were dressed up. Not to mention, a few of the girls had apparently raided their mom's make-up drawer. And applied it themselves. Yikes!

Aislinn wore this really cute white jacket with rhinestone studs on it. She has real diamond earrings, but was afraid to wear them in case they got lost. Smart girl!

Here is Aidan chilling out on the bleachers. He is such a people watcher!

A girl in his class asked him to the dance. While he said no to her, he still wanted to go and hang out with his friends. It turns out, he went and the girl did not go after all. I felt so bad when I found that out. Still, there was about 150 kids there and it looked like they had a good time. (I stayed to chaperone.) Besides, I wanted to see who the girl was that asked Aidan! They had a DJ that played songs for line dancing. Of course, when the Electric Slide came on, none of the kids knew what it was. So some of the adults, *cough cough*, went out on the floor and did it. Yes, as a matter of fact, we did all look cool. Except to Aislinn. She proceeded to come up to me while I was back at my post on the bleachers, and tell me her friends kept commenting to her that "Oh My God! Aislinn, your mom is dancing!" I think she might have been embarrassed. Mission accomplished!! hehe

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