Friday, February 12, 2010

The Big Snowstorm of Twenty-Ten!!

It seems funny even typing out the title to this post. I live in southern Georgia. We aren't supposed to get snow. If we are lucky, we get it once a year. Well, today was apparently that day. Joe's job decided to let everyone go home early today due to the "Treacherous Driving Conditions". Are they serious?? This was the road on the way to his office. Looks like wet roads to me. However, we were happy to have him home early.

Since we very rarely get any of the pretty white stuff, as soon as it starts, we throw on the coats, pile out the door and into the yard. As you can see, there is nothing even sticking on the ground. The kids don't care, they love it anyways!

Maeve likes catching snowflakes on her tongue. So do the boys.

After a little while, the snow started sticking and the snowball fights began! Aidan got Declan right in the back!

Maeve and Declan have a rare moment where they actually get along. Declan is trying to give Maeve instructions on how to build a snowman.

I feel like I have done laundry all day long, while the kids come in and out of the house changing out of wet clothes and putting on dry ones. Aislinn was outside for a little bit today, but since she had a girlfriend come over, they mostly stayed inside watching TV and playing the Wii.

These are some of my favorite pictures:


cats whiskers said...

Thanks for sharing these fabulous photos the kids seem to be enjoying it, we had 8 inches here in Kent on Wednesday, never seen so much snow, but it is nearly gobe now
Hugs Jacqui x

Kellie said...

I love the pictures! The one of the trees is fab. I looks like a professional photo... I mean look at that professional photo. You've got it girl!!! I love to see the kids having fun.

Mina said...

what fabulous photos Carol, Im sure theres a lot of people here wish everyone was sent home at the sign of this much snow lol...thanks for visiting my blog for the Wags and Whiskers blog hop
Mina xxx

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