Thursday, February 11, 2010

Drums, Baseball, Drama - Oh, my!!

What am I getting myself into? Drums lessons with Aislinn have officially started. They are only once a week so that's not too bad. It's the at-home practices I'm worried about. I better stock up on Tylenol while I can. She wanted a female instructor and I must say that the girl teaching her is super nice. And tall. Instead of going to a music store who offers private lessons that cost an arm and a leg, we went through the local college. We called the Conservatory at Columbus State, who matches you up with students willing to give lessons to make some extra money. They also let us use any of the instruments at the college which is great. By the end of the first practice Aislinn was reading the music like she'd been doing it for months. (It just looked like a bunch of doodles to me.) This week, she started Aislinn out on the snare drum. Next week, she's going to be on the entire drum kit. Cymbals and all. I think I'll get the Tylenol tomorrow.

Last week, Aidan had his baseball tryouts. He's been playing for several seasons and loves it. He plans on playing for the Atlanta Braves. Anyhow, they have a draft each year so all the kids have to come and try out. The coaches are funny to watch. They carry around their clipboards and make notes on all the kids. During the games you will see them checking out other games and making notes on which kids to look for at tryouts, etc. I swear, if you look close enough, you might see money change hands! I thought little league was supposed to be about boys playing ball and having fun. Not in the south. It's serious business. The head of the league in our area called last night and asked us if we were willing to put Aidan up to A-ball, instead of B-ball. I guess some of the A-ball coaches have been watching him and want him moved up now instead of waiting until next year. I told him no, but thanks. I'd rather he get another year of experience first. Not sure how it went over, but at least he respected our decision. Now we are waiting to find out who the coach is and the practice schedule. Two days a week for practice and another day, possibly two a week, for games. The season seems to never end. I just hope it doesn't interfere with the school play he signed up for! He has his first read on March 1st. If he makes the cast, he will practice at least 2 times a week until May. I'm getting tired just thinking of all the running around I'm going to have to do. I think it's time to buy another car.

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Kellie said...

I feel your pain. It never ends. Sometimes I wonder what I would do if I didn't have all the hussel and bussel, and then I realize I wouldn't have it any other way. We were suppose to have tryouts today and we just didn't go. It's too cold!!!!!! Yall keep warm and do the snow dance, maybe we will have more than two inches.

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