Saturday, January 31, 2009

10 posts in a month!

That's a record for me! I know there are so many of you that can keep up with your blogs every day, but I'm thrilled to get this far. I have good intentions, but then when I get on my computer, I am usually reading everyone else's posts and then forget what I wanted to blog about in the first place. Tomorrow is the Superbowl. I have no plans to watch it at all. I think I am going to take my kids to the movies instead. That is, if they can stay out of trouble! Declan was outside earlier today and next thing you know, the neighbor's 7 year old boy came over crying telling my husband that Declan was beating him up. It turns out that he hit Declan first, and in the face! Naturally, he didn't mention THAT little bit of information to us. Declan said that yes, he hit him, but that he hit him back and we could see the cut on his face to back up his story. Then the little boy comes back over, to tell on Declan some more. Being a mother, I go outside and chew the kid out for hitting Declan first! I suppose I could stay out of it and let them work it out, but he hit Declan in the face with some sort of metal stick and cut him right under his eye. He's actually pretty lucky I didn't let Declan back outside to continue beating him up!! After all, I've always told my kids that while they were not allowed to fight, if someone else starts one with them, they better make sure they finish it.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gym etiquette

This post is for those who have no idea how to behave while at the gym. Now, most of us will find these things a no-brainer, however, there are always those few who need a little help in the etiquette department. Let me help you.

1. When in the bathroom, STAY OFF THE CELL PHONE!! I cannot stress this enough. It is disgusting. Some people don't have a strong sense of balance, so while you are turning around trying to flush with one foot, suppose it falls in the toilet? Also, the person whom you are speaking to does not want to hear you tinkle, or *worse*! And trust me, they can hear you!

(I went to the gym today and upon entering a stall, I was able to hear 1/2 a conversation. I was really tempted to start making all sorts of noises just to freak the person next to me out, but I was afraid I would start laughing so hard and fail to make my point.)

2. Speaking of bathrooms, if you insist on squatting over the seat, be kind and clean up after yourself!! Just use a toilet cover and sit down for crying out loud! It saves the rest of us the trouble of either cleaning up after your sprinkled tinkle or squatting over it. Besides, when you need to go in a hurry, this is so inconvenient. GROSS!!

3. When there is a whole row of unused treadmills, except one, stay off the one right next to the one in use!! No crowding! And no one wants to have a conversation with you while you casually walk trying not to break a sweat, or God forbid, listen to your cell phone conversation!! I realize that sometimes the television is showing a program that you want to see, like The View and you don't want to sit in front of the one playing CNN. I've been there. And if the gym is crowded, go ahead and run next to me, er next to the one in use. :)

4. NO grunting while lifting weights. No one really cares that you can curl your body weight or bench press the weight of a school bus. If you need to grunt, go rent a movie and watch it in the privacy of your own room. No one will tell.

5. When you are done using a machine, please wipe it down! I cannot stress enough how gross it is to want to use a machine that has sweat running down the back of it. Maybe you like that, I don't. So bring a towel with you, or if you forgot one, grab some paper towels out of the bathroom and carry them with you.

I think I'll end here. My skin is starting to crawl.
Have a nice day everyone!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Aahhh, peace and quiet

I'm practically all alone tonight! My son Aidan, is staying at a friend's house, Maeve is in bed asleep, and Joe took the other kids, including Aislinn's friend who is spending the night, to the Cottonmouth's hockey game. It's not very often that I can sit at home in the quiet and just relax. And I'm enjoying it!

Recently (Jan. 5th), I joined a gym. I have been going pretty regularly and have lost a total of 7 pounds so far! Today I went and took a power class. It uses barbells and free weights and is a great all-over workout. Then, for some unknown crazy reason, I stayed and took the kickboxing class. Not sure what I was thinking. Each are an hour long. I am going to be so sore tomorrow! But, my husband booked a mini vacation for JUST US in May, for our anniversary, so I need to get moving! He's not telling me where we are going and I'm alright with that. I love surprises. Anyhow, I have just under 16 weeks to get it in gear. So, back to the gym tomorrow.

Oh yeah, my new Dyson arrived the other day. It's amazing how much dust and animal hair that sucker picks up. I showed my kids, and they were all amazed! I think from now on when I tell them to get off the floor and sit on the couch, they will listen to me!!

Have a nice night, everyone!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

History in the making

Today, as I'm sure everyone knows, is the Inauguration of Barak Obama. It's pretty incredible if you think about how far this country has come. A mere 60 years ago, he wouldn't have even been served a meal in a restaurant. It's just amazing. There has been such energy and excitement surrounding all of this, and I have to say it's contagious! I just hope he can fix the mess this country is in. He has a long, tough road ahead of him and I wish him lots of luck. Was that the crowd signing "Kiss Him Goodbye" as George Bush left?? Oh my.

When I dropped my kids off at school today, Declan's teacher told me that they would be watching everything on TV. I can't imagine a bunch of 5 and 6 year olds sitting still to watch all the goings-on, and they certainly aren't going to understand the historic significance either. I hope the teachers have a back-up plan!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

This sucks!

I just found out that my husband bought me a gift. No, it's not jewelry, scrapbooking supplies or anything fun. This gift sucks. It's not that I am not grateful because I am. It's a Dyson vacuum cleaner!! And it's purple!! (I am doing my happy dance!) I pulled out our current vacuum the other day only to find out that it's lost all of it's suction. It's driving me crazy because now I see dirt everywhere. I swear, we go through vacuum cleaners more than anyone else I know! Anyhow, he ordered it online and I have been patiently stalking the UPS man for my delivery. Yes, we could've gotten a cheaper one, but we have animals and kids, and need something that picks up the hair, the crumbs that the kids leave in a trail, won't lose suction and that I will not need to replace in the next year or two. I can't wait to get it so I can take a picture! I can already see the layout in my head. What can I say, it's the little things that bring so much joy!! Have a nice day!!

Life happens

Another week gone by without a post! What can I say, life happens. This past week has been a busy one, as usual. My kids have gotten their report cards, which were all very good. We've had girl scout meetings (cookies anyone?:)), boy scout meetings, and I had my stamp club on Sunday. We made the cutest little boxes!! My daughter Aislinn had her All-City concert with her chorus group. There are only 5 kids from her school that made the cut, but the concert had kids from almost every school in the area perform at the River Center. They did such a great job!! I'll try and post photos later. I've also been going to the gym in the mornings. I'm on a mission to lose weight BEFORE our anniversary in May. Still not sure if we are doing anything or not. Maybe I should book something, that might give me the push to keep going.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I hurt all over.

This year I made a resolution to finally lose some weight. I thought about going to boot camp, but instead I joined Gold's Gym. Well, I started 3 days ago and planned to go this morning and take the kick boxing class. Unfortunately, when I woke up, it hurt to move! I took a Spin class yesterday and now it hurts to sit down!! The day before, I took a power class and a step class for an hour each. It's no wonder I'm sore. Nothing like jumping into the deep end, right? I've also started a diet and keep a daily log of the food I eat. So far, so good. I'm really hope I can stick to this. My 15 year anniversary is coming up in May, and I want to take a long weekend with my hubby and go away someplace. My goal is to be the same size I was when I got married. *Keeping my fingers crossed*

An award~

~for me!! Thanks Michelle, that was so sweet of you! I suppose I need to be more diligent about keeping up to date with it now! LOL!! So, what I have to do is answer a few questions with only 1 word. Here goes...

1. Where is your cell phone? non-existent (that's right, I don't have one!!)

2. Where is your significant other? working

3. Your hair color? brown

4. Your mother? friend

5. Your father? retired

6. Your favorite thing? books

7. Your dream last night? nothing

8. Your dream/goal? home (I've designed my dream home, now I just want to build it!)

9. The room you're in? chilly

10. Your hobby? reading

11. Your fear? flying

12. Where do you want to be in six years? thin

13. Where were you last night? home

14. What you're not? working

15. One of your wish list items? furniture

16. Where you grew up? Florida

17. The last thing you did? ate

18. What are you wearing? earrings

19. Your TV? on

20. Your pet? asleep

21. Your computer? laptop

22. Your mood? relaxed

23. Missing someone? yes

24. Your car? dented

25. Something you're not wearing? shoes

26. Favorite store? Target

27. Your Summer? hot

28. Love someone? yes

29. Your favorite color? purple

30. When is the last time you laughed? today

31. Last time you cried? today (from laughing so hard!)

So there we go. Now I need to pass it along. Since Michelle and Elizabeth already have the award, I can't give it to them, so I'm passing it on to Adrianne over at My Wandering Soul. Have a great day!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Boot Camp!

This morning I got up at 6am and drove into town to go to Boot Camp. Once a month, they have a freebie class for you to try out. I've joined this boot camp before and the owner is a former drill Sergeant. Today was a PT day for those that have been going for the last month. The new camp starts Monday. Anyhow, I ran a timed mile and then had to see how many push ups and crunches I could do in a minute. I thought I was going to throw up. I haven't worked out in 6 months! We also did lunges and upper body work, then went on another run, this one over a mile. I thought I knew what I was getting myself into. I wish it wasn't so expensive because I always feel really good when we are done for the day. Not to mention, I lose a bunch of weight, the RIGHT way!

Nature's speedbumps

This is what I've heard squirrels called. Gross, I know. Personally I try and avoid hitting anything that runs in front of my car. I was out today with my girls when one ran right towards me. I think I missed it. I looked in my rear-view mirror to make sure, because I was screaming and couldn't tell if I hit it or not, and it seemed to just vanish! Must have been a mom with tons of little baby squirrels running around after her shouting out their every demand and thus driving her to desperate measures to escape. Can't you just relate?
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