Saturday, January 24, 2009

Aahhh, peace and quiet

I'm practically all alone tonight! My son Aidan, is staying at a friend's house, Maeve is in bed asleep, and Joe took the other kids, including Aislinn's friend who is spending the night, to the Cottonmouth's hockey game. It's not very often that I can sit at home in the quiet and just relax. And I'm enjoying it!

Recently (Jan. 5th), I joined a gym. I have been going pretty regularly and have lost a total of 7 pounds so far! Today I went and took a power class. It uses barbells and free weights and is a great all-over workout. Then, for some unknown crazy reason, I stayed and took the kickboxing class. Not sure what I was thinking. Each are an hour long. I am going to be so sore tomorrow! But, my husband booked a mini vacation for JUST US in May, for our anniversary, so I need to get moving! He's not telling me where we are going and I'm alright with that. I love surprises. Anyhow, I have just under 16 weeks to get it in gear. So, back to the gym tomorrow.

Oh yeah, my new Dyson arrived the other day. It's amazing how much dust and animal hair that sucker picks up. I showed my kids, and they were all amazed! I think from now on when I tell them to get off the floor and sit on the couch, they will listen to me!!

Have a nice night, everyone!!

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