Tuesday, January 20, 2009

History in the making

Today, as I'm sure everyone knows, is the Inauguration of Barak Obama. It's pretty incredible if you think about how far this country has come. A mere 60 years ago, he wouldn't have even been served a meal in a restaurant. It's just amazing. There has been such energy and excitement surrounding all of this, and I have to say it's contagious! I just hope he can fix the mess this country is in. He has a long, tough road ahead of him and I wish him lots of luck. Was that the crowd signing "Kiss Him Goodbye" as George Bush left?? Oh my.

When I dropped my kids off at school today, Declan's teacher told me that they would be watching everything on TV. I can't imagine a bunch of 5 and 6 year olds sitting still to watch all the goings-on, and they certainly aren't going to understand the historic significance either. I hope the teachers have a back-up plan!!

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