Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Friday, March 13, 2009

Snow!! In Georgia??

I can't believe it's been almost 2 weeks since it snowed and I am just NOW getting around to posting pictures!! Like I said before, things have been hectic. You'll have to bear with me. Anyhow, I live in southern Georgia, where it only snows one day a year. Literally. Last year, it snowed in March for a whole hour!! It was a big deal. The kids went outside to play, but nothing stuck at all. This year, it started snowing in the morning. My kids, knowing it could stop at any moment, got bundled up and went outside to play. Well, at 5:00 in the afternoon, it was STILL snowing!! It was so great! All the kids in the neighborhood were outside playing. I even had my husband take a quick photo of me outside! See~

Then my kids and I, as well as the boy next door, decided to build a snowman. I think he came out kind of cute! What do ya think?

I can't tell you how many times my kids came in to change into dry clothes. I have never done so much laundry in a single day!! For about 5 minutes, I wished we had snowsuits. The feeling passed. I don't think I could live where it snowed more than this. It's too cold. One day a year is just right.

Oh, where to begin...

It seems like so much has happened lately that I don't even know where to start! Last week I promised to take Maeve to Monkey Joe's so she could run around and play. Well, in the morning, she was complaining that her chest hurt, that she was sick. She seemed to be having a little difficulty breathing so I called the doctor. They told me to bring her in and they would fit her in sometime that day. Well, we get there and upon seeing how she was breathing, they pull every nurse and doctor away from patients to look at Maeve! They hook her up to a machine and see that she is not even close to breathing the way she should. Maeve is panicking and crying she wants to go home. Could you blame her? There was a bunch of nurses, the doctor and 2 firemen there, all waiting for an ambulance to take her to the hospital!! We get there and she is put in the pediatric ICU, where we are told that she will probably be for up to a week. Um, hello?! What the heck happened? Maeve doesn't even have a runny nose and here we are in the ICU! She was totally cracking me up in the ambulance though. Poor thing was so exhausted from trying to breathe that she was falling asleep. The EMT guy kept trying to talk to her and lifting her eyelids, which was not going over well. She was telling him "I am NOT waking up!" I wish I had my camera. BTW, I have to just vent for a second and tell everyone that if an ambulance is behind you, with the sirens blaring and the lights flashing, GET OUT OF THE WAY!!! I cannot even tell you how many people were oblivious to us. Anyhow, it turns out that Maeve only had to spend one night in the hospital because she rebounded so quickly! It turns out she had the beginning of an infection in her lungs and adenoids. We are home now with a breathing machine and she is MUCH better!! I also want to say that I have some really nice friends. My husband was called several times to see if he needed help with anything and just to check on us in general. (I was in the hospital with my baby the whole time, naturally!)

Maeve at a peaceful moment!!

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