Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gym etiquette

This post is for those who have no idea how to behave while at the gym. Now, most of us will find these things a no-brainer, however, there are always those few who need a little help in the etiquette department. Let me help you.

1. When in the bathroom, STAY OFF THE CELL PHONE!! I cannot stress this enough. It is disgusting. Some people don't have a strong sense of balance, so while you are turning around trying to flush with one foot, suppose it falls in the toilet? Also, the person whom you are speaking to does not want to hear you tinkle, or *worse*! And trust me, they can hear you!

(I went to the gym today and upon entering a stall, I was able to hear 1/2 a conversation. I was really tempted to start making all sorts of noises just to freak the person next to me out, but I was afraid I would start laughing so hard and fail to make my point.)

2. Speaking of bathrooms, if you insist on squatting over the seat, be kind and clean up after yourself!! Just use a toilet cover and sit down for crying out loud! It saves the rest of us the trouble of either cleaning up after your sprinkled tinkle or squatting over it. Besides, when you need to go in a hurry, this is so inconvenient. GROSS!!

3. When there is a whole row of unused treadmills, except one, stay off the one right next to the one in use!! No crowding! And no one wants to have a conversation with you while you casually walk trying not to break a sweat, or God forbid, listen to your cell phone conversation!! I realize that sometimes the television is showing a program that you want to see, like The View and you don't want to sit in front of the one playing CNN. I've been there. And if the gym is crowded, go ahead and run next to me, er next to the one in use. :)

4. NO grunting while lifting weights. No one really cares that you can curl your body weight or bench press the weight of a school bus. If you need to grunt, go rent a movie and watch it in the privacy of your own room. No one will tell.

5. When you are done using a machine, please wipe it down! I cannot stress enough how gross it is to want to use a machine that has sweat running down the back of it. Maybe you like that, I don't. So bring a towel with you, or if you forgot one, grab some paper towels out of the bathroom and carry them with you.

I think I'll end here. My skin is starting to crawl.
Have a nice day everyone!!


Adriane Kelly Winchester said...

This is so true!!!

Michelle said...

Aaaaaaah!!!! Those are my pet peeves, too!!! Especially the bathroom ones. I actually overheard someone talking on a cell phone while she was going #2! YUCK!!! Are people that gross??

And my kids wonder why I freak out every time they touch something in a public restroom. Put some antibacterial lotion on your hands - NOW!!!

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