Wednesday, February 3, 2010

After quite a hiatus

I am back!! Please, hold your applause. Just like everyone else, things have been hectic over the past few months. But, after receiving threats from family and friends, I've decided to give this blog thing another chance. Wish me luck.

Usually September through February is a blur. But, I will try to catch you up.

In September, Declan turned 7. I am always surprised by each birthday and the fact that he's never broken a bone. Next year, I can't say that, ahem. More later. In October, Aislinn turned 12! I am being reminded, on a nearly daily basis, that she's almost a teen. As if I could ever erase the memory of her body trying to gnaw and claw it's way out of my girlie goodies. We also took a family vacation, with Joe's mom, to Hilton Head, SC. We had a lot of fun kayaking, playing mini golf, going to the beach and lots of other stuff, too. Hilton Head is a beautiful place and I highly recommend it to anyone. We are looking forward to going back one day. This November, we stayed in town for Thanksgiving. My parents as well as my niece and nephew came up to stay for a week. I love it when the kids come up with my folks. They are the only cousins my kids have and we don't get to see them nearly enough. They are also about the same ages as my kids. This time I don't think there was any fighting!! On black Friday, the girls, except Maeve, got up and out early this year to start the Christmas shopping. It's become a family tradition, and my niece, Oceon, was upset when she almost missed it. Christmas was fun. Joe's mom came to visit and see the kids all open presents. I think they pretty much got what they were hoping for, so it was a success. January rolled around and brought us Joe's birthday. Since it is so close to Christmas, we usually don't do gifts, but instead he chooses any special food to be made. From scratch. Did I ever mention that I am NOT Betty Crocker? I give it my best shot anyhow. This time the desert was an incredible chocolate torte. It was so good! Betty Crocker - Eat your heart out!!

Also during the past few months, I've been busy around the house. I've painted my foyer, which is now my FAVORITE room in the whole house! The paint is Gentle Fawn by Glidden.

I love the color. My foyer used to be a very light, almost cream color. Same as the living room. In fact, my house is painted in all pastel colors. I feel like I'm trapped in a nursery! I want to paint the fireplace wall this same brown color. *sigh* It's love.

I've also FINALLY hung up some valances that have been in my closet for over 3 years. I'm hoping it will get me moving on painting the living room. I love these curtains. My favorite part, they aren't hung with a rod, but cup hooks!!

What else? Oh yeah. Over the Thanksgiving holiday, my parents and I made my daughter a headboard. It was so easy. All you need is plywood, fabric, some kind of padding (I used a twin sized egg crate that fits on a mattress) and a heavy duty staple gun. Viola!! I love it. As a matter of fact, I think I might have gone looking for anything else in the house to staple. I'm not sure. Just sayin'.

I'll be back later on to show you some more things. I don't want to overwhelm you all at once! Have a great day.

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Michelle said...

YEY, she's back!!! Loved seeing all your projects today!!! Love that get painting everything else. You'll feel so much better about your house!!

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