Friday, October 31, 2008

Too Cute to Spook

Today is Halloween!! My kids love this holiday. I have to admit, I love it also! I can remember as a kid getting dressed up in our plastic costumes with the masks, and then putting on heavy winter coats to go out trick or treating. Of course, I lived up north then. This year was my youngest daughter's first time trick or treating. She's 3. At first she didn't want to even put her costume on, but once it was on her and she saw herself in the mirror, she didn't want to take it off! Even without her costume, she is a princess.

My oldest daughter was the Bride of Darkness. She wore the same costume last year, but this time added white face paint and sprayed her hair black. For some reason, she always get comments on her costume!

My oldest son decided that he was too old to trick or treat and wanted to just go around the neighborhood with his friends and scare little kids instead! However, I did see him later on during the night with a bag of candy. So much for being too old!!

My youngest son went out as a blue power ranger this year. He is 6 and really gets into the thought of free candy. Who can blame him?

This year I bought a costume and went out with them! I was the queen. This dress is pretty cool. It has a hoop skirt, so unfortunately it makes you look much larger than you are! Oh well.

Once the sugar rush wears off I am heading to bed. Tomorrow we are going to the Montgomery Zoo. I hear that it's pretty nice. Hopefully the weather will be good and I can get lots of pictures.
I hope everyone had a nice, and safe, night!!

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