Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm baaaaack!

Since there was no school on Monday or Tuesday, I decided to take my kids for a quick trip to Florida for the weekend. It wasn't a planned trip or anything. It really depended on report cards. Well, Aislinn was right, she had all A's and 1 B. Aidan, who never said a word, got all A's!! Even Declan brought home a great card. He is in Kindergarten so they don't get the letter grade yet. More like "Meets", "Exceeds", etc. He either exceeds in everything or meets the requirements for the grade. His teachers are always commenting on how smart he is. Enough on my genius kids!!

So, we didn't really have an agenda while we were in Florida. I had thought I'd take them to a theme park. It didn't happen. First off, the car ride there was from hell. From the time we left the driveway, the kids argued almost the WHOLE way! Did I mention that it's about a 7 hour ride? I also forgot my sunglasses. Not a big deal, but when you get really bad headaches daily, the sunglasses are a blessing. Less than an hour after we got to my mom and dad's place, Aislinn and Declan started arguing over who gets which cupcake! Give me a break - it's flour and water!! Well, Aislinn pushed Declan into a kitchen cabinet and it broke. Do you have any idea how hard you need to hit a cabinet for it to break?! In the end, Aidan got that cupcake. They also picked at their supper and complained about it. When did my kids decide that they are entitled to things and get bratty? They sure act that way. Needless to say, I think my parents were glad to see us go.

Before I went to my mother-in-law's house, I met up with an old friend of mine, Sally, from high school. I haven't seen her in over 11 years. We met at her sister Mary's house for a cookout. Well, between Sally, Mary and myself, we have 11 children. Talk about outnumbered! Their ages are from 3 - 18. See them all! A good looking bunch of kiddos! I miss seeing them already. It's amazing how fast kids grow up. I was there when several of these kids were born, and I'm not talking about my own. Anyhow, in high school I used to be very thin. I mean, I wore a size 3 at graduation! I figured rather than worry about the weight I've gained over the years, told myself we all probably gained some weight, right? Humph. Apparently God has a funny sense of humor. Mary and Sally look exactly the same as they did years ago. Where are my anti-depressants!! Time to do something about it. I mean it. This time, I really mean it. Well, at least I'll try. What can I say, I love food. Til later....

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Mary Diane said...

Just seems like yesterday that we were wondering around Linden Road. Time sure flies by faster than you think. What great looking chidren we have. We will have to meet up again soon. Maybe we will stop by when we visit Tennessee. See ya! MDK

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