Thursday, October 16, 2008

Part 2

My phone is working again! We just got our service back this morning. Pretty soon our phone will be ringing off the hook and we will wish it didn't work. For now, friends of my kids are calling my cell phone!! They can't remember to do their chores or homework, but my cell phone number is just resting at the tip of their tongues waiting for a friend to ask what it is.

This coming Monday and Tuesday my kids are having their "fall break" at school. I was thinking of taking the kids to Florida to see my parents. I know that they were just here, but now that gas is dropping I thought it would be nice to take advantage of it. Who knows, next month over Thanksgiving it could be back up, and we won't be going anywhere. If I do go to Florida, I thought I'd take the kids to a theme park. Maybe Sea World or one of the Disney parks. Not sure yet, still undecided.

I stumbled across a new site/blog today. It's a Cuttlebug Challenge blog. It provides so many great ideas. Folders that I have never been interested in, are starting to look appealing. Not such great news for my husband!! Actually the folders are pretty cheap and if you have a hobby lobby or Michael's, you can get them even cheaper. Gotta love a bargain. I promise to create something soon and post a picture. Not now though. I'm off to bed.


Michelle said...

You have to share the Cuttlebug blog!! Pretty Please??!!

Michelle said...

nevermind...I just found it on the right------>>>


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