Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Finally Fall!!

I love the fall!! It's my favorite season, when the weather changes and you can tell someone has their fireplace going just by the smell in the air (rather than lighter fluid from backyard bbq's). I like seeing the leaves change colors and hearing them crunch when you step on them. I like to wear warm sweaters, see my breath when I talk and have that "rosy cheeks" look. It's the most perfect time of year.

I decided to take Maeve up to Warm Springs to look at the leaves changing colors. When I lived in New England I only had to look out the window, but here in the south, if I want to see red and gold leaves, I have to drive to them. It's true what they say. Once you don't have something anymore, you realize how much you miss it. Anyhow, I did manage to see a red tree or two, but most of them are still green. Sorry the photo didn't come out great, I took it through the windshield because it started raining when we got there! Story of my life!!

I put up a few decorations for the holidays. You have to when you have little kids. Maeve likes climbing on the bales of hay! Hmm, it's missing something - oh yeah! Pumpkins!! I haven't made it to the pumpkin patch yet. It's on my to-do list, along with a hundred other things! This past Friday night I went to my kids' school's fall festival. I bid on a few silent auction items, and WON!! I can't list a couple of them because they are Christmas gifts, but the scrapbook basket is all mine!!
Tomorrow I am having someone from my cable company come out to fix my phone, cable and computer problems. I've had no home phone, and my computer has only started working today. If I had a home business, I'd be out of business by now. They'll be here sometime between 8 and 12. Nothing like sitting around all day waiting. Maybe I can clean something? Nah.

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Michelle said...

You could smell my fireplace all the way at your house??! lol

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