Monday, September 29, 2008

I hate Mondays

Actually, I don't. The kids go back to school and I can rest up a little from the weekend's activities. Although not today. This morning I had the pleasure of keeping Declan home from school, since he decided to get sick on me. I know, I know. He didn't do it on purpose. And actually, it kept me home and out of the stores spending money. He felt much better tonight and I let him go to karate. He really loves it and is looking forward to his karate party. He turned 6 years old this past Friday. Where did the time go?? Did I celebrate with him at school? No. I did bring in cupcakes that morning for his class, but I wasn't there to sing and take pictures. Bad mom. Instead, I went to the most adorable scrapbook store!! It is called Sweet Memories Scrapbooks. I went with my friend Michelle and we left as soon as the kids were in school! Not too eager were we? We showed up just a couple of minutes after they opened. We would've been there earlier, but couldn't find it! It is THE CUTEST STORE, all painted hot pink with black accents. I loved it!! They carry so much stuff that our LSS doesn't carry. We "oohed" and "aahed" over all of it. It is owned by some very sweet ladies as well. And speaking of sweet, they have fully stocked candy jars for their customers to nibble on while shopping! After taking a needed lunch break, we went back to take one last look and then check out. I didn't do too bad either. When my dear husband asked me how much I spent, I only told him, "Less than Michelle." Some things in a marriage are better left a mystery. Don't you agree?

I spent yesterday trying to kick a head cold. I took an afternoon nap and woke up when my kids told me that they brought home chicken. They left?? I guess I was in a deep sleep. I got up, ate and then left to play soccer. I'm getting too old for this. I mean, the oldest girl on the other team just turned 21!! Give me a break!

Saturday, I took Aidan, Declan and Maeve to the Columbus Airport to do the Young Eagles thing again. This time Declan flew the plane. I think Aidan was scared. He wouldn't even look. I know Maeve was frightened. The death grip on my arm and her crying and yelling at the pilot to "Turn it off! I want to go home!" was a giveaway. Declan was too short to be flying. Each time he leaned, he moved the wheel with him. Well, that turns the plane! It was a very bumpy ride and even I was relieved to be on the ground. Joe can go next time. He took Aislinn to play soccer. After that, it was off to Valdosta to meet my dad. He was picking up Aidan for the week. He is on his Disney cruise. Lucky kid! I really wish I were going, but it's one-on-one time with the grandparents. I hope he takes tons of pictures so I can scrap them.

Well, Prison Break is coming on in a minute, so I have just enough time to get a dish of ice cream!! Sweet Dreams!

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