Monday, September 8, 2008

Typical day

Well, I tried to blog before another week went by and it looks like I just made it. I've had another busy week here. Last Monday night I watch the season premier of Prison Break. I LOVE that show. There is nothing better than sitting in my bed, all the kids in their beds and watching Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell in Prison Break. Except having chocolate chip ice cream at the same time. I'll try that tonight. My husband can't understand my fascination with that show. I've never missed an episode yet. He gave up after the first season. He says it's not believable. Um, so what? The actors are cute. That's reason enough for me to keep tuning in!

Also this past week we went to dinner for my friend Michelle's birthday. We were outnumbered when it came to the adult/child ratio. There were only 6 adults and 8 kids. All under 10. I had never been to Red Robin, but apparently on Tuesday nights the big red robin walks around and says hello to all the kids. The kids loved that and a few of them got up to dance with him. My daughter thought he was a duck and was quacking at him!!

This past Sunday, we went to visit my friend Tina and her kids who had to evacuate New Orleans. A bunch of us friends used to live in the same neighborhood until one by one, we each moved away. It had been 2 years since seeing them and it was nice to visit. My son Aidan, and Tina's son, David, used to be really good friends. Both boys wanted to know if the other looked the same! It's funny what kids think of. Anyhow, we were at Tina's brother's house (which is absolutely beautiful) when I walked into the garage after my 3 year old. Their garage floor sits about 2 inches above the driveway. You can see where this is going, right? I tripped and went sliding across the floor. It was probably only a few inches, but it may as well have been all the way across. Both my knees were skinned, I hurt both hands, one of which bruised, and my right shoulder was killing me. Just call me graceful. I guess Noreen's (Tina's sil) mother is a nurse and she had me on the recliner with my leg elevated and ice on my knee! I have to say that if I fell at my house, I would have been stepped over. No, really. How nice to be fussed and fretted over! I actually felt very bad and jokingly asked Noreen if she had homeowner's insurance! And since I'm sure you are concerned about me, I'm fine.


Michelle said...

what happened to the green background? I liked that one :)

Carol said...

You caught me mid-change!

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