Saturday, September 13, 2008

Just another day...

So today started off a little rough. First, I let my daughter, Maeve sleep with me last night. She has never slept in my bed and really, really wanted to, Since she is still in a crib, I thought why not. I need to get her a bed soon, but she's never even tried to climb out, so why rush, right? My goodness, that child was WIDE awake until 10pm when I practically yelled at her that it was time to go to sleep. I think that she was just excited, but I was tired. All through the night that little girl kept waking me up with kicks to my kidneys! Thank God that I put up a side railing or she would have been on the floor. Anyhow, I was so stiff and sore when I finally crawled out of bed. I only had about 15 minutes to get up and dressed and out the door to take Declan to an open house at a local martial arts studio. He had a blast and for the short time I was there watching, it looked really cool. He stayed with some friends and was able to spend about 2 hours on the floor doing the moves. He even broke a board with his foot on the first try! He brought it home and has promised not to hit his brother or sisters with it! He truly had a great time and now wants his birthday party there. After watching for a bit, I had to leave and take Aislinn to her first soccer game. I'm not sure why the kids were so surprised that it was hot out. I mean, we live in Georgia and it's summer. What did they expect! Her team was slaughtered 10 - 0. Of course, as we were on our way back to the car, I asked Aislinn if I could have some of her Gatorade. She was given a Gatorade and ice water after the game and had not had any of the Gatorade yet. I was also holding her iced tea, but it was sitting in the sun with me for an hour, so I know it was warm. She actually told me no. Can you imagine?! I gave BIRTH to that child and she will not even let me have anything to drink!! She told me I could have her iced tea! I am truly amazed with her sometimes. How selfish can you be? I take her to practice twice a week and then to her game where I get to sit in the hot sun with no drink and she can't even share! I think there might be some hostility left over from this afternoon, don't you think?

My husband left shortly after I got home to Atlanta. He goes every now and then for acupuncture. I love that. It really cures all ailments. I had it when I was preggo with Maeve for a severe case of carpal tunnel where it felt like my arm was on fire from the inside all the way up to my shoulder. When I say it was excruciating, it's an understatement. After one treatment, it has never come back. Maybe it can help with weight loss? It's worth a try.

I am really looking forward to tomorrow. At 1:00 I get to go to my friend Michelle's house for her SU! open house. I can't wait. Michelle is sooo talented and really makes the most awesome things. After that, I have MY first soccer game at 6pm. I haven't played in, oh...22 years. This should be fun. We are the Pink Panthers. I love that name. Much better than the Pocket Rockets, another team we play. The last thing I want my kids yelling from the sidelines is "Go Pocket Rockets!" That's the name of a vibrator! Give me Pink Panthers any day. Hopefully I won't hurt my knee any more than I already have. It is still black and blue from last Sunday when I fell in a friend's garage! I swear if it doesn't get any better this week, I am getting it x-rayed.

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lovingmytwoboys said...

You are playing soccer? You Rock, I would love to play, I am not sure if I would survive one practice let alone one game though! Good Luck, send me some pics if anyone takes any! :)

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