Friday, September 19, 2008

Into the Lion's Den

This morning Maeve called my husband to come and get her up. She still sleeps in a crib, mainly because she has never tried to get out of it. I mean, why should I bother to buy another bed when she is happy sleeping in the crib, right? I have to sooner or later though. She is getting a little too tall for it and will soon be sticking her feet out at the end! Anyhow, she gets up and wanders around looking for Dunkin Donuts. I called her into my room and asked her if Aislinn was up and out of bed yet. Naturally, she wasn't, but since I enjoy a good surprise, I ask anyway, because you never know. So I told Maeve to tell Aislinn to get up. My husband made the comment that it was like sending her into the lion's den! Aislinn likes her sleep and does not like getting woken up. Especially by me. No gently rocking here, no soothing voices to ease her into the day. Nope. I turn the light on and pull the covers off of her body and announce very loudly that it's late and she needs to get up NOW! Lately she has been very moody. I can't wait til her periods start. What fun we will have then!

The other day Declan had his friend *Jake over. (*I promised not to use his real name in order to protect the innocent.) Well, while the boys were playing Jake's mom showed up to gather her beloved and take him home. I said that they were getting along so well and we didn't have any fighting or arguing at all. I started to walk through my living room and saw that the boys were in the back yard looking at our pool. It had turned a very vivid shade of emerald overnight. Anyhow, when I walked over to get the key so I could unlock the door and call Jake in, I happened to ask out loud "What are they doing?" Well, the words were still hanging in the air when Jake pulled down his shorts to show off the pride of his childhood and then he peed in my pool!! You know, I've never actually SEEN the color drain from someone's face before. I mean, I've heard the saying, but one look at his mom, and I knew she was mortified. Of course, there was me practically shouting "Oh my God! He's peeing in the pool!" So I know she was as embarrassed as could be. I really thought the whole thing was funny and couldn't help but laugh. I mean, c'mon. He's only 5. Granted my own kids don't do that but it's not like I was going to yell at him or anything. His mom took care of that. She even had him call me later to apologize.
She did ask me not to tell anyone, but when I said "Are you kidding! Now I have something to blog about!", she made me promise not to use his real name.

We have yet another busy weekend coming up. I swear this time of the year goes by in such a blur. Between soccer on the weekends as well as 2 days a week, boy scouts and birthday parties, and now karate, it's a mad house around here. Things will calm down for the month of January and then baseball season starts up. You'd think I would be a size 3 from all the running around I do. But alas, I am not. I also signed up for Wrapper's Delight. It's a cropping weekend in November. I get to go to Alabama and scrapbook!! I wish it were this weekend. I can't wait!! My friend Michelle told me about it and we are going to go together. Fun, Fun, FUN!!

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