Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fried Green Tomatoes

Happy Wednesday! Today started off nicely at my house. Seriously. The kids all got up on time and neither of the dogs were outside howling at the early hour of 6am. I'm sure my neighbors were pleased. I know I was. And, to top it all off, Maeve slept in!! Ah, these are the days. My husband called me mid-morning and asked if I wanted to go to lunch. With HIM!! He took me to a fabulous place called The Fresh Market. They have great seafood, not to heavy on the breading. For an appetizer, I ordered Fried Green Tomatoes with lump Crab Meat. Yum-O! I guess I'm really in the south, now. It made me wonder though, are the tomatoes grown to be green? Or are they just picked too early? I think they would taste great with some provolone cheese melted on top. Mmm. My daughter only wanted crackers and french fries. How's that for healthy. My husband had somre grouper with horseradish and grilled okra. I think I could get used to the food in the south. Now if someone would only learn how to properly make pizza and chinese food, I'd be all set!!

I had to head over to the Springer Opera house after lunch to exchange some tickets. A few friends and I are going to see Menopause, the Musical in a couple of weeks. I cannot wait! It is supposed to be hysterical. I guess I should pay attention in case I start heading down that road soon.

Later tonight, I get to go to Aidan's boy scout meeting. I think we register for camping, too. I took him last October and it was an experience I will NEVER forget. Joe didn't want to go, instead he volunteered to stay home with the other 3 kids. I think he knew something I didn't.
I had never been camping before. I had never even slept in a tent for that matter. Instead of trying to put up the tent before the trip (so I would know what I was doing), I waited until we got to the campground (read: woods) and tried to put up our tent. It is a 7 person tent, with a pet dome. Nothing small here. Not knowing what to expect, I didn't bring any extra blankets, or a light. My son didn't even want smores because the stick was dirty! I swear, I am the only person who's son doesn't like germs! Of course, he may have been onto something because I ate the smores and was sick later that night. Even though it was cold during the night, and there were coyotes howling, spiders inside the tent, AND *gasp* we had over 100 people sharing a single bathroom, we did manage to have a good time. And Aidan wants to go back. Maybe it's like childbirth. You forget the horrible parts and willingly enter into it again. I hope so.

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