Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy February!!

I am so excited - I finished our taxes last night!! Yippee!! I think this is the first time ever I've been done and had them filed in January. Of course, if I had to owe, I would have waited until April. We should be getting our refund in less than 2 weeks!! Thank God we don't live in California, or we'd get an IOU. Can you imagine?? I hope the people who are getting an IOU are not in dire need of that money, and that they get it pretty quickly.

I took 3 of my kids to the movies today. We saw Mall Cop. It was pretty cute. My kids enjoyed it and there were some really funny scenes. I imagine that there are some security guards who won't find it funny. I had popcorn while we were there and now I feel sick to my stomach. Not to mention, when we came home from the theater, my husband had a bunch of chocolate chip cookies cooling on the stove! So, my diet is in the tank today. Serves me right. Tomorrow I will hit the gym early. Anyhow, Pink Panther is coming out next weekend and I cannot wait to see it. I just love Steve Martin. I need to work on staying away from the popcorn though.

Anyone watch the Superbowl tonight? I usually watch it, but this year I only turned on the TV to see the halftime show. Bruce Springsteen is still as cute as evah! I remember years ago my mother and I saw him in Orlando. We sat behind the stage, in some great seats. Not only were we pretty close to the stage, but we had a great view. Even when he wasn't turned around singing to those of us in the back!!

So, if you saw the game, what was your favorite commercial?

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Michelle said...

yep, I'm a sucker for movie popcorn too!! Then I feel like I want to puke after from eating too much and drinking too much Coke!!

Oh, and there were some funny commercials yesterday but i couldn't tell ya who they were for. Of course, the Budweiser commercials were great :)

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