Thursday, February 5, 2009

this and that

My dog, Molly, is now having seizures. It's a scary thing to watch. We are not sure what is causing them. She is a beagle and only 3 years old. Some breeds are more prone to having them than others. Unfortunately, she is one of those breeds. The vet said that unless I can get her in to see them within 2 hours of it happening, they won't be able to tell what caused it. The other night, she had her seizure after 9pm, so I couldn't bring her in. I was told that we could give her medication, but it causes some horrible side effects and will leave her pretty much doped up everyday. No thanks. Otherwise, we just have to make sure she doesn't hurt herself while we suffer through watching her have one. Nice, huh? I never considered myself a dog person. I have had dogs before, but I much prefer cats. That was, until I found Molly. She is MY dog.

On to more pleasant news. I've lost 10 pounds!! And I've gone down a size in jeans. Yea me!! I took yesterday "off" from the gym and I have to say, I missed it. How sick is that? I don't want Maeve to get sick of going everyday, so I'm not going on Wednesdays. I'll make up for it on Saturday. Today I took a kickboxing class and I seriously thought I was going to be sick. We had a new teacher testing for the summer launch, so we had new moves. All I can say is that I had better lose my weight before the summer, because today was HARD!

I need your opinion on something. My daughter Aislinn is a very good student. I'm not just saying it because I am her mother either! Her teacher, the last 2 days, has left her in charge of the classroom while she is out. She has asked her to write down the names of the kids who are talking on the board. (Aislinn loved this, by the way, but she does not abuse the "power" and only does what is asked of her.) However, yesterday, one of the other girls got in her face about it and took her name off the board. Later on in the day, when a few of the girls were in the wrong classroom, the girl told on ONLY Aislinn. I emailed the teacher asking her to not have Aislinn monitor the class because of this. She's not getting beat up or anything, but I don't want her to be picked on either. If it continues, she will be left out of things and the kids will not like her. I know, I've been there. Anyhow, what do you think?

Have a nice day!!


lovingmytwoboys said...

I really hate the whole leave your classroom and leave a student in charge. Almost all of our teachers do that and when I sub for them and need to leave they all bombard me to see if they can take names! I tell them no because everyone is going to be so good no names will need to be taken! I totally see it like you do but our kids aren't that bright and so far haven't done anything like that but I am just waiting for it to happen. I keep saying if I was left in charge I would write down everyone's name I didn't like! :) I think the students should't have that responsibility and another teacher should always watch the class or the teacher should wait to go out on her break! I think you did the right thing by asking the teacher not to let Aislinn moniter the class!

Toni said...

a lovely blog
just wanted to say thankyou for entering in my blog candy giveaway good luck Hugs Toni x

Michelle said...

I find that funny that you wouldn't consider yourself a dog person. I've seen how you are with my Schuby :)

As for Aislinn... I don't think it's ever a good idea for young kids to be put in a position of "policing" their peers. It only lead to trouble in my opinion. BTW, did that other girl get in trouble?? She needs to be aware that her actions were wrong.

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