Monday, February 23, 2009

So much is happening

I've been meaning to update my blog for a few days now, but just can never seem to find the time. I know most of you can relate! I signed up to run the Disney 1/2 marathon!!! Yes, I know it's not until next January, but when I tried to register for the one this year, it was full, so I decided to register for the 2010 one early. I am really super-excited about it. I have a year {almost} to get in shape and when the weather warms up a little bit, I plan on running either in the mornings, or at night. Plus, I'm still going to the gym, even though my husband told me he considers that "nothing". Um, WHAT? I don't see YOU in there!! :) ha!

I'm still on my diet, although it's not progressing as well as I'd hoped. It's those darn girl scout cookies! I need to get them out of the house. Otherwise, I'm eating exactly what I should be eating and God knows I'm sweatin' it at the gym 5X a week.

My son is signed up for baseball, which means that we now have no life. He has practice on Monday and Wednesday evenings, as well as Saturday mornings, for 2 hours, until the games start. It's a never ending thing here in the south. I swear, people take children's sports WAAAY to seriously. I mean it's supposed to be FUN for them, right? Hopefully I will be able to sit on the sidelines with my mouth shut this year. Hey, there's always a first!

I also went and saw Twilight again. My daughter and I went on Saturday night and got there about 6:30 for the 7pm show. We get our popcorn (yes, not on the diet plan) and get our seats, only to learn that the movie doesn't start until 7:20. Well, add 20 minutes of previews, and we had been sitting there waiting for an hour for the movie to start!! So worth it though. I could just sit in the theater and watch it over and over again. Of course, I'm still not done with the book! I'm debating on getting a Twilight t-shirt, but I think that might be a bit over the top. Jury is still out on that one.

Meanwhile, my youngest son has a small Webkinz stuffed animal that had a hole in it. He's been wanting it sewn up forever. Well, I finally broke out the needle and thread and got to work. Since I make it a habit not to sew, my husband ran for the camera! Can you imagine such a thing? Now he has actual proof that I do know what to do with the sewing kit his mom left at our house!! I'm afraid these people I live with are going to expect such things from me in the future...and I'm afraid!!

Oh, had to take my daughter to sell cookies outside PetSmart this weekend also. And, my poor pup had another seizure, only this time it was in front of all the kids. See, what did I tell ya? It's been busy at my abode. Have a great night. Gotta run, HOUSE is on.

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Michelle said...

I could see Twilight every day :) Oh, and a shirt is not over the top...I have one :)

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