Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How did THAT get in there?

Last night I sat my youngest daughter down to read a story before bed, when she leaned her head back. I caught a flash of something pink inside her nose! What the heck?? I asked her what she put in there and she said "a round thing". None of my other kids ever stuck things in there nose! Where in the world did she get this from, and why didn't she tell me that it was stuck up there? I guess she never had any intention of telling me at all because it was apparently up there all day! I tried and tried to get her to blow her nose so it could come out, but that did not work. I am not even going to get into the details, but I got it out. It was a small rubber band. I debated taking a picture, but thought better about it. It was nasty from her crying anyway. Besides, if I want you to ever come back and read what's going on in my life again, I didn't want to frighten you!!

My oldest daughter has read all the Twilight books. She has been after me to take her to the movies. Of course, when I was all set, it was gone from the theater! However, this past weekend it showed up at the dollar theater!! Now, when my friend asked me to go, she said it was a dollar theater, but I just figured it was cheaper than the regular one. I was genuinely shocked to find out that it was actually a dollar! From now on, if I don't need to see a movie right away, I'm waiting. I mean, when I take 3 of my kids to see something, after admission and popcorn, I've spent over $50. And I'm not kidding. This was far better. By the way, I took her to see Twilight, and I have to say I am totally addicted!! I can't wait to read the books. That mean vampire, James, as well as Edward, can chew on my neck any time they want!! Woo Hoo!

I also went to the gym today. I needed to go after polishing off a box of Girl Scout cookies earlier. Thin mints are great, aren't they? At least they are no longer in the house so I can't have anymore. Except for the frozen ones. Hmmmm....gotta run. Have a great night!!


Michelle said...

Oh yeah, Jason, Edward, Emmett, they're all hotties in my book :)

Michelle said...

I meant James....thought that didn't sound right!! lol I got sidetracked thinking about them ;)

Jacilynn said...

Too funny about the thing stuck up your kids nose. No kidding a friend of ours just took their 3 year old to the ER because she has a horrible sinus infection. Come to find out it was a couple of peanuts up there. I agree about the twilight thing.If you haven't read them yet, you should.
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