Saturday, December 13, 2008

On the 1st day of Christmas.....

my cat decided to knock our tree over.

Joe and I hadn't even fallen asleep yet, when just after midnight we heard a crash. Joe made the comment that he hoped the tree didn't catch on fire, since the fire in our fireplace hadn't gone out yet. My only thought was that the cat had better be dead. As it turns out, 2 sets of lights and several ornaments were broken beyond repair. Great. So, after we stood the tree back up, we took the rest of the ornaments off in case the tree fell again and the cat was tossed into the garage for the rest of the night. This morning I had to take the tree apart in order to put it back up the right way. Not how I wanted to start off my Saturday. In a minute, I'm off to start holiday baking. Cookies...mmmmmmm! Have a nice day!


Sam said...

ooooh - bad cat!!! Fortunately my Phoebe doesn't seem to be all that interested in the tree!

Michelle said...

Oh no!!! That's no good :( One year we had our tree fall over 3 times. Yep, lost a bunch of ornaments that year!

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