Thursday, December 11, 2008

catch a buzz

Well for the past 2 days it has rained. And rained. I am about 2 inches away from having my pool flood! When I left to take my kids to school this morning, there were wires across the road, leaves everywhere and tree limbs down. The power was out at my kids' school, so they told ghost stories! The kids love it.

After going home to shower, I decided that I really needed to get out and buy those last few things for the holiday parties, teacher gifts, etc. Well, when I walked outside, I was taken aback. I've seen buzzards before, but these were HUGE! After making sure that Maeve was secure in her carseat so as to not get carried away by one of these, I ran back inside to get my camera (naturally!).

While I was taking a picture of these guys, several more were flying in circles over my head. Yes, I know that I am big enough to feed them for quite a while, but geez, I'm not dead yet! I'm glad I didn't leave the dog outside.

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