Monday, December 15, 2008

I may not be Martha Stewart

but I can make cookies. I spent most of yesterday baking eggnog cookies for my cookie swap tomorrow night. I can't wait. I made probably close to 10 dozen. I gave 2 dozen to my neighbor, who happens to be very nice to my 6 year old son. She gave him several snowmen decorations yesterday and tonight gave him a huge ceramic Santa cookie jar! She is very sweet and my son loves to visit her. I have saved 4 dozen for my swap and the rest, well, they are staying here at the house.

Last night Joe and I took the kids to see Santa at the Ludy house. Visit their website ( Their house is amazing. Anyhow, Maeve took a little nap on the way over, but when I tapped her on the shoulder and said that Santa was here, my God that child couldn't get out of her carseat fast enough! Her eyes just flew open and she was ready to go see him. This girl was in no way afraid of him at all. She walked right over and gave him a hug and her list of toys! When it was time to give another child a turn, she was not happy. She was under the impression that she was getting her presents last night. Oops.

Then, I had to practically drag my oldest 2 up to see Santa and sit on his lap. I think Aislinn was afraid someone she knew was going to drive by and see her. The things we moms make our kids do just for a photo!! Of course, once up there, Aidan couldn't get a word in to let him know what HE wanted for Christmas!!

Tonight, I had Aislinn help me make rum balls. My God, they are sooo good and very easy to make! No cooking involved. We made chocolate and vanilla. Tomorrow I have to seperate some for the swap. The rest are MINE!!

Gotta run, Prison Break is on!!


Adriane Kelly Winchester said...

Yum o! I wish I lived closer!

Michelle said...

Cute pics! And your cookies were super yummy!!! Wish you could've stayed longer :(

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