Friday, July 11, 2008

A new beginning

Well, after having several friends ask me if I have a blog, I've decided to try one of my own. We'll see how it goes. Normally I hate anything to do with computers but I'm willing to give them another shot.

Let's see...I've recently started in a "Boot Camp" program. My 20 year high school reunion is coming up and what better excuse, er, reason, to lose weight and get into shape! Not sure if I'm going to go or not, because it's in Florida (at Disney) and I live in Georgia, but at least I'll look good! Boot camp starts at 5:30am. AM!! Who voluntarily gets up at that hour to sweat? Surprisingly, there are many people who do. Since I stay at home with my kids, (and I have 4) I try to never even get out of bed until 7am, or the sun comes up, which ever is later. Even on school days my husband gets the kids up and drives them to school. What? It's on his way. Anyhow, judging from what my body fat percentage is (and I'm not telling) the only exersize I get is running from the couch to the fridge. This whole boot camp thing is insane. I ache in placing I didn't know could actually hurt. Anyway, when you join, you get a meal plan. Ha ~ what a joke that turned out to be. A single slice of bread and 2 egg whites for breakfast! Is he serious? This diet is for the birds. Literally!! I'm determined to give this my best shot and stick to it. Today we ran 2 miles, did a bunch of ab work and something called "butt blasters". More on this as the days go by.

In spare time, which is not in great supply, I really love to scrapbook. I got started several years ago when I saw a friend's scrapbook. My mom took me to a LSS and bought me a ton of stuff to get started, for my birthday! Wasn't that sweet? I've been addicted ever since. I was even a home consultant for a scrapbook company. I gave it up because I never had time to work on my own books. I am happy to say that I have a room in my house dedicated to scrapbooking. Sure, it's the dining room, but it's MINE!! I even put doors up and a big "Do Not Enter" sign on it! So far, the kids are following directions. Maybe someday I can figure out how to post a picture and I can put up a layout or two. Then again, that might be a little ambitious for me! After all, I was really hoping that computers would be just a fad. I'm still waiting for them to lose their appeal.

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