Thursday, July 17, 2008

My cuties

I thought I'd try to upload a few pictures of my kids. The first one is of Aislinn and Aidan. This was taken at Chili's. We had gone there for Aidan's birthday. He wanted to go someplace to eat where they would sing to him! At least it wasn't the mexican place where they make you wear a sombrero and sing in Spanish!!

The next picture is of my 5 year old son, Declan. He had just lost his first tooth and asked that I take his picture! He is my most affectionate child, always wants to play with you, and loves life!

The next shot is of my 2, soon to be 3 year old girl, Maeve. She is such a happy child. Her favorite things to do right now include playing with her dolls, having a tea party and coloring on the kitchen table! She is my little sweetheart and I dread the day she starts school and leaves me.

Finally, I have a picture of my dog Molly! This dog will put up with anything Maeve throws at her. We were having a tea party and Maeve decided to dress up the poor dog as Cinderella. Molly just looked at me with pleading eyes. I think she was probably mortified that the other dogs in the neighborhood might catch wind of this and she would forever be shunned! Don't worry Molly. Your secret is safe with me!!

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mom to munchkinz said...

I love your blog! Now I don't feel like such a dork :)

Your kids are so cute! I'll try and check your blog often and keep up with you guys!

Miss scrappin with ya!


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