Monday, August 18, 2008


Can you guess what I did today? I took a nap!! It's been so long since I did that and I have to confess, it felt fabulous! I did get up and go walking at 5:00. Then after practically dragging my daughter out of bed (at almost 7!) I was able to get them to school on time. Day 1: so far, so good. Of course, I come home and lie down, which naturally causes the phone to ring. It's my husband calling to say good morning to me! Personally, I think he was calling to make sure we were up and out of bed. However, after we hung up, I fell asleep and slept until noon, when Molly's barking woke me up. I never intended to sleep that long so hopefully I can sleep tonight. Oh, yes, I also went and got a pedicure! I just love those. I don't get them often enough. I did not, however, spend the entire day pampering myself. I managed to do the required checking of homework, feeding the kids dinner, etc. I also completely cleaned out the back yard, swept and mopped the kitchen floor, dusted and vacuumed the house and did several loads of laundry. Tommorrow I get to take the animals to the vet for a bath. Hey, I'm not ambitious enough to tackle that on my own. I will be at the Scrapbook Shoppe, that's more my speed. Have a nice night.

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