Sunday, August 17, 2008

Did I seriously HAVE to say that?!

Because I am such a cool mom, I told each of my kids that they could have someone stay over last night. So shortly after Joe and the kids left, we picked up Aidan's friend, Jared. (Aislinn's friend didn't get to come over until 9:30 last night because she had a ton of things to do during the day). So anyhow, I take the 3 kids and we go to Target (my favorite store!) so we can load up on junk food, then head over to the movies. The boys saw the new Star Wars movie and Aislinn and I saw Space Chimps. What a waste of an afternoon that movie turned out to be, but I was happy to be able to spend some time with just Aislinn. After that, we went to McDonald's, then home. The boys were fine playing outside or with the Wii. Then Aislinn's friend came over and it was as if they had never seen another girl before that wasn't related to them! I certainly hope I never acted like a complete fool in front of the opposite sex before. They would not leave the girls alone. Finally I told the kids, at 10:30pm, I was going to bed, but that I didn't care if they stayed up all night, however the boys had to stay in Aidan's room because the girls would be sleeping in the living room. Aidan has a TV as well as the Nintendo Gamecube in his room so it's not like they had nothing to do. Besides it was late and I figured they would crash soon. I was wrong. Aislinn and Amy stayed up playing on the computer, and at 1:30am, Aislinn comes in my room, wakes me up to tell me that the boys went outside to play!! Hello, it's pitch black outside! So naturally I jump out of bed, God only knows what I looked like, and when I went to the garage to get them, Aidan was opening the door to come back in and get some toy he forgot. Well, one look at me and he knew he was in for it. I know that I said that they could stay up all night, but did I seriously have to tell them that I meant INSIDE THE HOUSE?!? Of course, they went right back in the bedroom. Aidan's reason for going outside: they were bored. WHAT?? Not only did they go outside, but they let out Murphy at the same time, so now I have a loose dog that HOWLS if he's alone in the dark. Boy, were my neighbors going to be happy with me! Now I am so tired, not to mention mad and before I can go back to sleep, I need to find the dog. It's a nightmare. So today Jared's dad comes over to get his son in the morning (they went back out to play at 8am) and I take Aidan and the girls to lunch at a pizza place, then we head over to Petland. Because it's so much fun to play with all the puppies and then leave. After running a few more errands we head home in time for supper. I'm going to bed soon. 5:00 am comes really early and I have to go running with my neighbor. At least the kids go back to school tomorrow so I can have some "ME" time. I can't wait.

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