Friday, August 8, 2008

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

It's been a few days since my last post and things have been very busy around here. The other night I took my 3 oldest kids to meet their new teachers. They liked them, so I'm hoping this will be a good school year. Then on Wednesday, it was the first day of school!! This always reminds me of the commercial I saw on TV years ago with the man riding on the shopping cart in a store like Office Depot or someplace buying school supplies with his kids dragging behind him! I loved that commercial. So anyhow, off I take them to school at 7:20am. Yes, I know that school doesn't start until 8, and we only live 3 miles away, but who wants to be late? Certainly not I. I had to practically drag my kids out of bed, too! I mean really. The first day and they can't get up? I can see if it was halfway through the year, but the first day?!? Then on top of that, I brought my camera. My kids are well aware that I scrapbook and should have expected me to have it with me. I thought my daughter would die of embarassment. Fortunately, her teacher was in the hallway so I was able to snap a quick photo before anyone could see me and therefor make her the laughing stock of the 5th grade. She stiffly smiled, then bolted inside the classroom without so much as a goodbye. Hmmph. I'll get her back. Wait til I show up for lunch one day and sit with her! Anyhow, as for my kindergardener, he already knows the school and we had to stop several times on the way to his class so that last years teachers can welcome him back with hugs and everything. We get to his class and he makes himself right at home. He likes when I take his picture, so I got several. On to my 4th grader's class. It is outside in a portable. At least they have air conditioning so it's bearable. I was allowed only to the doorway and when I stuck my head inside the room, I casually mentioned to the teacher that I wanted to get a picture of him and Aidan. I think Aidan turned a new shade of red while he glared at me. His teacher leaned in to him and he leaned away! My kids are such goofballs. Anyhow, my son knows me well enough that if he says anything to me, I'll just walk him to class in my fuzzy bunny slippers, bathrobe and coffee cup. Hey, I've done it before. I managed to get one shot of him and then left. So far, they like school. It's only been 3 days, but first impressions are everything. Aidan has also had homework everyday, while Aislinn was already given a project to do! What do I like about this school? It's MUCH closer than the school they went to last year. This is only 3 miles away, but last year the school was at least 20 miles away. And, they don't have to wear a uniform, which is a plus in my daughter's eyes.

What else...oh yes. I am now getting up to go jogging at 5am. It's much cooler then, but pitch black. I asked the woman across the street if she wanted to run.. What a mistake! She is nice and everything, but she is in the Army. Needless to say, she is in much better shape than I am. I was able to keep up with her for the most part, but there were a few times when I had to stop and walk. She just jogged in circle around me! I think I liked it better when I was alone. At least I didn't feel so out of shape. If I could just eat better I'm sure the extra weight would fall right off me. I say this, then today I went to McDonald's. What's wrong with me? Then my husband calls me while I'm eating. I don't answer the phone, so now I have more guilt. After he calls me the 3rd time, I call him back and tell him what I've been doing, but I leave out the fast food part. So now, I'm heading home and who's husband! So I got caught eating what I should be staying away from. I can't get away with anything!! Serves me right. Maybe now I'll learn. Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe. Who am I kidding. Til next time....

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