Saturday, August 16, 2008

While the Cat's Away...

Today, my husband left for a week's vacation to Hilton Head, SC. He took the youngest 2 kids with him. It would have been really, really nice to all go as a family, but with the older 2 kids just starting school, we didn't want them to miss any days already, let alone an entire week. My mil has a friend who has several time shares there, and since she wasn't going to use them, my mil rented 2 of them! My mil, sil and her husband are also going. I hope they have a great time and the weather is good. I miss my Joe and the kids already. However...during the week, while my kids are in school, I am going to be ALL ALONE!!! I have big plans for myself. I plan on spending the week working on my scrapbooks. And reading. And watching chick flicks. And taking naps. And maybe a pedicure and a nice haircut. Something tells me that next Saturday will be here before I know it.

1 comment:

Michelle said...

yep, that week is gonna go by FAST!

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