Thursday, July 15, 2010

M. I. A.

That's been me.  Actually, I've been in my bed sick with strep throat.  Again.  I've spent the past 20+ years not getting strep, only to have it now for the second time in 6 weeks!!  What the heck is going on?  When I was about 15, I used to get it all the time.  I couldn't even walk by someone who was sick without catching it.  So, with promises of living a strep-free life, I went and had my tonsils out.  Lately, though, those promises seem to have been forgotten.  I did get a shot and a boatload of pills, so here's to keeping the fingers crossed that with the help of God and 2 policemen, I won't get it again.   I'll be back to posting when I am feeling better.  Until then, have a great day!!

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