Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fun in the Sun

Lately it has been so hot.  Not just the usual Georgia heat either.  We've had heat advisories and everything.  It is so uncomfortable.  We have a pool in our backyard, although as a general rule, I don't go in it.  Something about not wanting to scar my kids by seeing me in a bathing suit and all that.  Anyhow, this past week, I have been in the pool.  Every.  Single.  Day.   My kids love it when I am swimming with them.  All I hear is "Look at me!"  or "Watch me!"  You'd think that I didn't spend any time with them at all the way they all clamor for attention.  My youngest doesn't know how to swim yet and will only go in the pool with her Safety Seal AND an inner tube.  Well, the other day, she got very brave and decided to do without the inner tube.  She's having a great time splashing around, especially now that she realizes she can touch the bottom!  We have a sport pool, so it's only 4 feet at it's deepest, which is in the middle.  Either side is only 3 feet.  At first I didn't like it, but now I think it's great!  So much better than having a deep end.  You really can't do anything there.  This way, we can play volleyball and all sorts of things.  Anyhow, Maeve is feeling pretty good about going right in the pool.  Me?  I'm a nervous wreck!  I follow her all over the place now.  I think I liked it better when she was much more cautious.   I did get a few pictures of all the kids having some pool fun.  I did manage to get in some pictures as well!  I won't show you those.  You're welcome.

Please ignore the open skimmer.  My children like to look inside and see if anything is dead in there.  I'm not sure why this is fascinating to them, I think it's strange.  Anyhow, today we went to the movies.  On Tuesdays at 10am, you can go to the movies for $1.  The drinks and popcorn are also $1, so it's a pretty cheap way to spend the morning.  They were showing Alvin & the Chipmunks.  I had never seen it before and it was kinda cute.  Next week is the Squealquel.  **On a side note**  Parents:  just because the movies are cheap, does not mean you should let your kids talk through the whole thing!  Or kick the chair in front of them, or pull hair, or throw popcorn!   Some parents really should not be allowed to reproduce at all.   Hopefully tomorrow will be better,  I am thinking of taking the kids to see Shrek Happily Ever After.  Maybe.  We might just spend the whole day in the pool instead.  Summer is going by way to fast around here.  Can you believe that school starts in just 2 weeks!!

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House of Smith's said...

I'm just leaving a comment to let you know about the vinyl you were asking about! :)
Vinyl has an adhesive backing on it... it's JUST like a big sticker, but with removable adhesive... that won't damage you walls like a regular sticker.
But once placed on the wall, and then taken off... you can't reuse the same decal.
Hope that makes sense. lol.

~Shelley Smith

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