Sunday, June 14, 2009

New look

See anything different? I was getting tired of the last blog look. So, I took a peek around the web and found this one. I really like it! I decided to change my blog name, too. We'll see how long this one lasts. I also found some cute little buttons to put on my sidebar. Love it *so* much better now. Don't you?

Today while the littlest offspring and I were home alone, we decided to give having a picnic another shot. We tried yesterday, but because it rained the night before, the grass was still a bit damp. Our yard doesn't drain very well. :( Anyhow, today we brought out a blanket and spread it out on the driveway to start our picnic. I did manage to get one picture of Maeve before she sprinted inside the house. Apparently she saw a fly. A FLY!! My goodness, what is with my kids and bugs? We sit down to eat and naturally, it shows up to see what all the smells were about. Well, I don't even think she took a bite of food before she was up and running toward the house like her pants were on fire! Like the good mom that I am, I stayed right where I was until I was done eating before I went inside to see what she was doing. At least she was sitting nicely at the table. Maybe we'll try again tomorrow.


Michelle said...

Love the new look :) But I'm finding it difficult to read the small white print with these almost 40 (eek!!) eyes!

Michelle said...

I like the black print better :)

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