Tuesday, November 18, 2008


This weekend was filled with house cleaning. I had been going room by room with garbage bags getting rid of clutter. I cannot stand piles of stuff lying around. Either use it or put it away!! It drives me nuts. Well, both of my boys share a room, so I really didn't want to tackle THAT project. However, 3 garbage bags and a box later, it's finally clean. While stripping the top bunk bed so I can wash the sheets, I found 3 charms. I specifically told my son not to bring money to school to buy these. Well, when I saw that he did it anyway, and then lied to me about it, I flipped out. I was so ready to take them to Nebraska and leave them at a hospital and come home. And I told them so. Well, it turns out that those charms were a Christmas gift for my husband and me. Great, now I have guilt!! My 9 year old son was sobbing that he wanted to kill himself, that he wanted to be alone and that we ruined his Christmas surprise. (I wonder where all that drama comes from?) Nothing makes a mom feel more guilty than knowing it's all her fault. Did I mention that I am also sick with a bad headcold? It figures.

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Michelle said...

yeah, been there! It's so much fun to be a mom some days, isn't it?!!

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