Sunday, October 3, 2010

Little of this, little of that

Have you ever put up a post and then for the next few days felt like you should post again, but don't?  Then, more days go by and you realize that it's harder to post when so much time has gone by?  That's me.  I guess I don't want to mislead anyone into thinking that my life might be anything other than ordinary.  Then more days go by and I look back in my planner and see all that we've done around here.  That's when I am pleasantly surprised to see that my life is kind of interesting.  Or at the very least, busy!  I love to read other people's blogs.  I can spend many hours on the computer doing just that.  I look at my blog list and get impatient when the ones I read daily aren't updated.  I know, I know, pathetic, huh?

Anyhow, these past few weeks have been quite busy.  We've celebrated a birthday!!  My son, Declan, turned 8 years old last week!!  {Happy Birthday baby boy!  I love you very, very much!}

For his birthday, instead of having a party, Joe and I took him to the Humane Society and let him pick out his own cat.  It was a tough choice, but in the end, he picked out a really cute kitten.

He's a spunky little kitten, who loves to talk.  A lot.  And play.  Usually in the middle of the night.  I have been woken up by getting bitten in the face more times than I can count.  Unfortunately, we had to leave his brother at the shelter.  We already have a cat and dog at home.  However, I had to promise Declan that should either of our other pets die, we would go back for him!  Anyhow, this little guy has had several different names so far.  He came to us known as Dos (maybe because his brother, Uno, had one eye?), then he was Coal, then Eclipse, and now Shadow.   Personality disorder anyone?

Joe was out of town last week.  I don't sleep well when he is gone.  Of course, my kids enjoy it when I let them take turns sleeping with me.  Then, I sleep even worse because they spend so much time kicking me!  Anyhow, while he was gone, my mom and dad decided to take a short trip up for a visit!  My kids had no idea they were coming and were so excited to see them!   I wish they lived closer to us.  The last time we lived near them was when Aislinn was 2 years old.  Tomorrow she will be 13. YIKES!!  My parents only stayed a couple of days and then they were off.  I promised the kids I would take them to Stevie B's for dinner.  It's an all you can eat pizza buffet.  The kids LOVE it.  Joe hates it.  I eat too much when I am there.

I just realized in these pictures, they are all eating dessert!  It's no wonder why they like this place.  As soon as Maeve spilled her nearly full glass of root beer all down the front of her white shirt and pants, it was time to go home. 

We've also been getting lots and lots of visitors to our hummingbird feeder.  We've had as many as 10 at a time!  I thought these guys were territorial.  They do fight, but when the urge to eat is strong, they manage to share.  However, when they are all around, it sounds like we are at the airport!!  I could only get a picture with 3 of them.

I'm going to stop here for the night.  Tomorrow I will show you what I received in my Fall Gift Exchange!!  I'm positively giddy!


Michelle Whitlow said...

Cute pics!!! I'm like that, too. I get frustrated if my fave blogs aren't updated. Does that mean I'm on the computer too much??! Naaahhh!!!

Happy birthday Declan & Aislinn!!

James said...

We wished you lived closer, too!

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