Thursday, October 7, 2010

the other day

Aislinn asked if I would make her a cake for her birthday.  She picked out Red Velvet with white frosting.  Good choice.  I think red is my new favorite color!   Just look at all that delicious red-ness!!  There may or may not have been some licking of the spoon.  Ya know, just to make sure it was coming out right. 

It was yummy!

After much cake was eaten, we moved to the other room so she could open up gifts.

 Aeropostale sweatshirt from Aidan

a pillow with "french" scenes all over it from Maeve

a new digital camera from mom and dad

the latest Sister's Grimm book that she has been looking for (but couldn't find), from Declan

A web cam from her Nana and Papa.  They chat every day now.

She LOVED everything she got.  And with that, we have one very happy 13 year old girl! 

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