Thursday, July 9, 2009

bad blogger

You know, I have such good intentions of keeping this thing up to date. But then the date goes by, followed by more, and then it's overwhelming because soooo much has happened! Alas, I shall strive to do better.

Since my last post, I went to a scrappin retreat with my bud, Michelle (I can't figure out how to have you click on her name and be led directly to her blog (!) but it's on my side bar.). I brought a bunch of stuff to work on and I am thrilled beyond words to say that I completed all of it!! I think I only managed to get about 20 layouts done, plus journaling on others, as well as a few cards. 20 may be a lot to some people, and it is, but the last retreat I went to, I did 59 pages!!
I only took a picture of one layout, but it is one of my favorites. I really LOVE the paper. We picked it up at Archivers, on the way to Helen and I think I used every scrap I had! **Must. Get. More.**

Made some cards, too!

These cards were made using a scallop flower punch that CM just came out with. I am getting me one of those. Speaking of really cool punches... Michelle got me the Apron punch from Fiskars for my birthday! (Squeal!) I have been trying to find it everywhere with no luck. She saw it in Archiver's and got it for me! Thanks, Michelle. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! :)

Anyhow, Helen is such a cute little town! I can't believe that all the years I lived so close and never made the trip. I will definitely be going back with the hubs and kiddos.

That's a horse drawn carriage in front of us! How sweet is it!

Such a sweet little town. We went to dinner at an outdoor cafe and were able to see people falling off, um, I mean tubing down the river!

Here we are at the crop. It's about 2am and we are the only people still awake! What's wrong with everyone? They must not have small children at home and therefore not need to make the most of their time. Either that, or they didn't have the brownies with the 2 inch thick frosting that made my filings curl up and fall out, to keep them up like I did! (they were good though)

The crop was fun. I was able to catch up with a few ladies that I haven't cropped with in several years. I'm looking forward the next one that's put together.

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Michelle said...

I had so much fun!! We going next weekend?? hehe I need some more of that paper!!!

Oh, btw, when you create a post one of the icons that's green is the link button. Highlight what you want to be the link, click that button, then put in the url. That's it :) And then I usually change the font color so people know it's a link.

Ok, that's your 5 min blogger tutorial for the day :)

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