Thursday, September 2, 2010

Welcome September!

I love it when I get to turn the calendar to September.  That means that fall is right around the corner!  With fall comes several birthdays in our home, which is quickly followed by all the holidays.  Before I know it, it will be February!  It's been so hot here this summer and I am really looking forward to the cooler temps, pumpkin scented candles and sweet potato casserole.  Yum-O!

Yesterday, I was hoping to post about a trip some friends and I took to a local thrift shop on Tuesday.  However, on Wednesday my husband works from home and takes over the computer for the day.  I suppose I could have done it last night, but let's just be honest here.  I was lazy.  Anyhow, there is a thrift shop in town that I think is fairly new and I've been wanting to visit it for a little while.  I tried to find it one day, but got completely turned around.  However, this time, the plans were made and we were going.   There would be no one stopping us!  Michelle and I started out Tuesday morning at....

Panera for something to eat, while we waited for Kellie to join us.   After talking for over an hour, we hit the road.  Michelle goes to Gina's Junk fairly often, but Kellie and I have never been.   How cute is this place!!

And how cute is this little guy hanging over the doorway?  I imagine you could make this pretty easily.

The woman who owns it, Gina, is super nice.  We saw lots of things we could have taken home, if we had space at home for it.  Such as this door.  All you need is a new screen and some sanding.  I'm surprised Michelle didn't buy it.

And what about this window?  I saw on  Tatertots & Jello, that someone had made a really cute coat rack with one similar. 

Kellie ended up getting a really pretty pantry.  Isn't it gorgeous!  It has a couple of shelves inside and tons of room to fit a child who is acting up, perhaps.  Just saying.

In the end, Michelle's van looked like this. 

The yellow table and some of the shutters underneath it are mine.  I've been wanting a table for my front porch for the longest time now.  This one is cute, with a little drawer and it was only $20!!  Score!!  I'll leave you with a final photo of Kellie and the ginormous aloe plant!  She couldn't get over how large this was.

Have a great day everyone!  I'm off to meet the school bus.  :)


Michelle Whitlow said...

Great pics!!! and a fun day...we need to go back again soon ;)

Heather said...

Wow! That IS a huge aloe plant. Very cool though! Love Panera!

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