Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy Birthday, Maeve!!

confidential to Maeve:
Wow! Where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday I was heading to the hospital to have you. You have grown so quickly, it almost makes me sad. I love watching you each day grow into the little girl I love so much. In just 2 days you will be starting preschool. *Yikes!* It's one thing to have the other kids go to school, but you are my youngest, my baby. You have already asked me several times if I would go to school with you, just to make sure it's fun. Not only that, but you tell me at least once a week that you are never moving away from me. I hope you don't. I love you more, my sweet girl. Please, don't grow up too fast.

Today we went to Wild Animal Safari for my daughter's birthday. It's one of the few drive through, feed-the-wild-animals- right-from-your-car, kind of places. She loves it there. All the kids do. Even Aidan, although he sits in the middle of the back seat so he doesn't get slobbered on! He doesn't like to get dirty! Yes, I am counting my blessings. After that, we went to lunch at B. Merrill's. Of course, we came home to have cake and watch Maeve open her gifts. She's really into Littlest Pet Shop right now and was pleased as punch to get a whole mess of them! After getting all the kids showered, we went to our "Meet the Teacher" at school. God knows we needed to shower first! Can you imagine the teacher's first impression of you, and you smelling like buffalo? YUCK! Anyhow, we had a busy day today, but managed to squeeze it all in. I did take bunches of pictures, which I will try and post tomorrow. I also got some of the cute little puppy our neighbors just got. For some reason he likes it at our house! How long do you think it will be before he moves in with us?

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Michelle said...

Awwww, happy birthday Maeve!!! She's getting so big! (they all are!!) STOP TIME. STOP!!!

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